February 25, 2024

“E Meme”, a true enigma of 2018 internet humor!

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e meme

e meme

E: A Journey into the Deep-Fried Absurdity of Meme Culture

The internet is a wild place, my friends. A place where cats rule, dogs speak fluent doge, and sometimes, all you need is a single letter to spark a meme revolution. Enter the E Meme, a warped image and a single, bold “E” that became a beacon of internet weirdness. Buckle up, because we’re diving into the nonsensical, deep-fried depths of this meme-a-licious enigma.

E Meme’s Metamorphosis: From Shrek to “E”

Our story begins in 2015, when a simple headswap emerged: Markiplier, the beloved gaming YouTuber, inhabiting the pointy-chinned form of Lord Farquaad, the villain from Shrek. Funny, sure, but not quite meme-worthy. Fast forward to 2018, and the internet decided to spice things up. Enter the deep-fry filter, giving the image a crunchy, distorted aesthetic. Then, like a cherry on top, the enigmatic “E” appeared. And poof! The E Meme was born.

Meaning? Nobody knows what it means but it’s provocative!

Now, you might be asking, “But what does it mean?” Ah, that’s the beauty (or maybe the confusing part) of the E Meme. There’s no grand narrative, no hidden punchline. It’s pure, unadulterated absurdity. Some see it as a commentary on the increasingly surreal nature of memes, where random elements like a single letter can hold comedic weight. Others interpret it as a rebellion against overly structured jokes, embracing the power of nonsensical humor.

The “E”volution Continues

Of course, the internet wouldn’t be the internet without endless remixes. The “E” became a versatile tool, popping up in various formats and contexts. Sometimes accompanied by equally nonsensical phrases (“me at 3 am”), other times simply standing alone in its glorious simplicity. The meme’s peak popularity may have subsided, but its legacy lives on.

E: A Testament to Internet Weirdness

The E Meme might not be for everyone. It’s strange, confusing, and maybe even a little bit frightening. But that’s the beauty of it. It’s a reminder that the internet is a playground for the absurd, a place where laughter can come from the most unexpected corners. So next time you encounter an “E” in the wild, don’t overthink it. Just embrace the weirdness, and remember, on the internet, sometimes all you need is an “E” to make a meme.

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Remember, the internet is waiting for your next nonsensical contribution. Go forth and meme responsibly!

TLDR: If you are lazy click here.

Ah, the “E Meme”, a true enigma of internet humor! Its story is both fascinating and nonsensical, just like the meme itself. Here’s the breakdown:


  • The early form of the meme appeared in 2015 on Twitter, featuring a mashup of Markiplier (a popular gaming YouTuber) and Lord Farquaad (the villain from Shrek). Just a headswap, no “E” involved yet.
  • In 2018, the meme evolved. A Tumblr user “deep-fried” the image (adding distortion and noise), then added the caption “E”.

Meaning and Symbolism:

  • So, what does it mean? Honestly, there’s no definitive answer. The beauty (or weirdness) is its absurdity.
  • Some interpret it as a comment on the weird, surreal direction memes were taking, where something meaningless (“E”) can become a meme just because it is.
  • Others see it as a reaction to overly structured joke memes, embracing randomness and nonsensical humor.

Variations and Legacy:

  • The “E” became a versatile addition, appearing in various formats and contexts, often accompanied by nonsensical phrases.
  • The meme’s popularity peaked in 2018 but still holds a place in meme history as a symbol of internet absurdity and self-referential humor.

In short:

The “E Meme” is a strange, yet iconic, artifact of internet culture. Its meaning is subjective, its humor absurd, and its legacy a testament to the unpredictable nature of online trends.

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